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The Palm Beach Research Group is an independent financial publishing company based in Delray Beach, Florida. It publishes various advisories that provide stock, options, and income recommendations—as well as non-market wealth-building advice—to more than 234,000 subscribers.

When founders Mark Ford and Tom Dyson launched Palm Beach Research Group in 2011, they wanted to create a publishing company unlike any other.

Most financial advisories are little more than stock “tip sheets.” Mark and Tom had a different vision for their company. They wanted to provide subscribers a comprehensive wealth-building plan; one that would guide readers along the path to real, sustained financial prosperity.

To this end, Mark and Tom focused the Palm Beach Research Group on three key areas… safe income, safe growth, and comprehensive 360-degree wealth building.

Specifically, they’ve combined Tom’s experience in the financial markets with Mark’s success as a serial entrepreneur and real estate investor to achieve their goal—a holistic, wealth-building publishing company.

Services now include:

  • Stock market investments (long-term and trading)
  • Cash-generating options strategies
  • Rental real estate investing strategies
  • “Outside the market” ideas for generating additional active income
  • Credit repair strategies
  • Entrepreneurial guidelines on starting your own business
  • Retirement lifestyle guidelines.

And much more…

Each service supports the central mission of the Palm Beach Research Group:

Help readers get richer every single year.

To learn more about how the Palm Beach Research Group can help you grow richer every single year, please call our Customer Service team at (888) 501-2598.

A Personal Note From Tom Dyson

Editor’s Note: Tom recently wrote the memo below for new employees of Palm Beach Research Group, explaining who we are, what we do, and why we do it. It provides a unique lens into our company’s purpose and values.


I spent a large portion of my professional career working for two of the world’s largest investment banks, including Citigroup in London. I’ve also managed money and analyzed equities for over 20 years. I know how the world of finance works and through my writing, I’ve helped over 140,000 folks from all over the world learn about misunderstood investments.

Mark Ford has written over 10 books, including New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-sellers. (He wrote under pen name Michael Masterson.) Mark is an expert in building wealth safely, entrepreneurship, and health.

Five years ago, we partnered together to create the Palm Beach Research Group. Today we have almost 50 employees.

We research investments—mainly in the stock market but also in bonds, options, real estate, private equity, and alternative assets like gold. We also discuss more general “living rich” advice, which covers personal finance, health, travel, and productivity.

The key distinguishing feature that stands us apart from our rivals in the financial media is we are 100% independent. We don’t take money from any third parties to promote their services… no banks, no brokers, no dealers, no companies, etc.

Our core goal is simple: to show our readers how to achieve financial independence… by choosing conservative, long-term investment strategies… by avoiding certain “wealth stealers,” and by thinking about wealth in broader terms than just money.

At the end of the day, we’re dedicated to improving the lives of our subscribers. That’s our purpose.


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